Posted by: NatureIsAwesome | October 9, 2010 @ 6:54 am

We Have A Go For Migration

This is the radar from 5:00pm last night to 5:30am this morning.

SE Mosaic Radar Loop 09/October2010

Birds were on the move into the state last night. Jacksonville as well as the Tallahassee radar showed lots of activity leading into the night. St. Pete radar was pretty busy picking up signatures as birds flew over. We are hoping you guys had some of these birds land for you all, check out Fort. De Soto and let us know what’s up. Birds were moving in a general NE –> SW direction. Surface winds over the Space Coast were a nice west breeze and NNE over Miami which later shifted to a NW wind. Lets hope some of these birds make it down for us to see.

Check out your favorite migrant hot spots this morning, should be some new faces around. Would post more but birding awaits, let us know what you see out there today.

Please share your sightings with us and the rest of the Badbirdz community of birders. Post your sightings here.

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  1. YAY! New faces for sure – 3 Painted Buntings and a Rose-breasted Grosbeak at my Deerfield feeder.

  2. Dead at Cape Florida today: 8 banded. Hawks are starting to move, though. Good weather for thermals.

    Heard FOS Eastern phoebe call as it quickly flew by. SE mosaic radar last night & tonight up to now (1000 pm) is suggesting the short distance migrants are on the move: large signature into the Panhandle but dropping off down the peninsula; also last night I don’t think birds flew all night. Less action over water. Most of the birds on a mission to get to the Neotropics RIGHT NOW have probably already gone through, althoughthe bulk of the black-throated blues do leave later in Oct so they’re probably still to come.

    For vagrant fun at Cape Florida I’m hoping for early or overshooting winter species, or maybe western species. We’ll see….

  3. No real migration around Ferndale/Lake Apopka still no thrush… there are still such birds right? Pheobe house wrens are in, sapsucker and peewee seen too very quiet from sunrise on. Oh and indigo buntings numbers up but not a lot,

  4. Yes we have been seeing thrushes down here. Paul Miller just had a killer banding bird yesterday; Bicknell’s Thrush.

    Looks like migration is on where you are at. All those species sound like new arrivals as they were not around last week.