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A Cool Breeze In The Air

This is the radar from 5:00pm last night to 5:00am this morning.

SE Mosaic Radar Loop 10/October2010

Looks like more of the same last night. Panhandle radars were lit up last night. The Tallahassee radar sure had some action over it during the night. Birds look to be flying shorter distances a night as Michelle suggested. Lets hope some of these birds stopped for us to band today. Everyone have a great day, we will post more later after we return from banding.

Please leave your sightings for us all to share. Click here to post your sightings.

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  1. Curry Hammock Hawkwatch – Friday Oct 8 – Sunday Oct 10.
    15 raptor species on Saturday!

    The numbers are still on the low side, but the days are exemplary in terms of diversity. Morning flights over Little Crawl Key have been almost non-existent, but the afternoons really kick-in. Mid-afternoons have repeatedly had mixed flocks of up to 10 species of raptors. At one point Saturday, a kettle contained 4 Peregrines, a Mississippi Kite, a Short-tailed and a Swainson’s Hawk, several Sharpies and Broad-wingeds, a couple of Harriers, Kestrels and more. This kind of condition repeated several times.

    644 raptors tallied from Friday through Sunday.

    15 Raptor Species seen Saturday – (13 Fri., 12 Sun.) including:
    Turkey Vulture
    Bald Eagle
    Northern Harrier
    Mississippi Kite
    Swallow-tailed Kite
    Sharp-shinned Hawk
    Cooper’s Hawk
    Broad-winged Hawk
    Short-tailed Hawk
    Swainson’s Hawk
    Red-shouldered Hawk
    Peregrine Falcon
    American Kestrel

    Our weekend’s count for Peregrines was a modest 184 birds, with 93 seen today Sunday. PEFA are just beginning to kick in. Look out over the following week – a Peregrine is bound to be up somewhere in the sky at any given point!

    See ya at the keys!

  2. Got in a short walk at Manatee Lake State Park on Sunday afternoon. There were 15 to 20 warblers in a mixed flock, definitely Pine and Palm, not sure what else.
    Down here in SW FL (Cape Coral, N. Ft. Myers) the regular winter visitors are showing up — Catbirds and Palm Warblers, a few Kestrels, Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers.