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Big Time Migration; Biggest Week In American Birding Style!

US Radar

Birds are on the move over the eastern half of the country tonight. Conditions are just right for this epic flight. A low pressure system is sliding across the Great Plains region setting up a sweet south wind that will give the birds a tailwind that will bring in a major influx of migrants into the area. Looks like birders will be happy in the morning at Magee Marsh! We would love to be in NW Ohio birding along this magical boardwalk with friends and awesome birders alike; maybe next year! Our friends Dawn and Jeff are there and the reports are awe-inspiring. For those of you who have never heard of the Biggest Week In American Birding check out their website. Incredible birders coupled with awesome birds is what this festival is all about. Check out the radar as of 11:20p.m. for the region; it looks like an epic day in shaping up!

Great Plains Regional Radar

Lets not forget our home state of FL; birds are moving north through the state in a rush. They heard about a grand festival centered around them and they are booking it north before they miss it 🙂 Radars across the eastern half of the state are recording some heavy density. Lots of birds must have been in a holding pattern within the Greater Everglades as the radar is showing a mass exodus of migrants. Winds have shifted and will bring some migrants inland. Best bet tomorrow will be tried-and-true migrant traps as there is no precipitation to concentrate birds at any particular spots. Get out there and bird and let us know what you see out there.

FL Radar

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