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Birds Over My Hammy

This is the radar from 5:00pm last night to 8:30am this morning.

Frames are every 1/2 hour. Click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized animation.
Base Reflectivity image from Key West, FL Base Velocity image from Key West, FL Base Reflectivity image from Miami, FL Base Velocity image from Miami, FL Composite base reflectivity for the Southeastern USA

Southerly winds seem to have given some birds the a tailwind and pushed them into the southern peninsula over the night. Another push in to Miami was visible on radar this morning with more still on their way in at the end of the loop. Northerly winds over Miami may have caused these birds to drop down in anticipation of a tiresome flight into the wind. Rain was visible in the evening hours and overnight moving WNW over the Miami area. This rain could have caused birds to drop out as well as grounded birds that arrived yesterday. Check local migrant traps for migrants this morning in Miami. It would be interesting to hear from Miami birders on what is present today.

Melbourne and Jacksonville radar both were alive with pulses last night as birds headed up the east coast. According to the radar these birds were flying over these radar stations at high altitude. We can determine this as a “donut” image was recorded as the birds flew over the doppler radar. This is not to say that there will not be any birds as some birds always trickle out. Let us know if you had any success today while out birding.

The west coast was not as hot but did see some action. Along the western half of the state we expect tried-and-true migrant traps to be your best bet today.

Have a great day all and enjoy the tail end of this spring migration. Again many of you pass by to look at the radar images but do not post any sightings or weather observations. This site works best when you the reader and birder share your observations and we share our radar interpretations. Lets all work together to further improve the science of radar ornithology; together we can make great strides. Hope to see some of you sharing your thoughts and aiding in the void of birder comments. Have a great day.

Nature is Awesome,
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