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Our Very Own Hometown Purple Martin Roost!

Purple Martin flying over us at the roost

We have a Purple Martin roost minutes from home so of course we have been there whenever possible since we found it. What an amazing sight as thousands of martin descend down on the trees in the parking lot of the Home Depot. This is the chosen spot for the roost this year. Years prior the roost was located 2.5 miles to the southeast from the new site. We wonder what changed, what caused the move? If we could only ask them ourselves.

Purple Martin filling the skies!

As the sun sets in the west in come the birds in waves. The sound of thousands of Purple Martin is amazing, filling the air with chatter; it’s awe-inspiring.

Purple Martin coming in as the sun sets.

Purple Martin coming in to roost for the night.

As the birds come in, they fly around from tree to tree before choosing which trees they will settle in for the night. The birds seem to prefer the trees that are lit up by artificial lighting for some reason. We wondered could it aid the birds by acting as an attractant for flying insects?

Purple Martin landing in their chosen roost spot.

The chosen spot, trees lit with artificial lighting...

It’s an amazing experience for any birder, kid, Homo sapiens; you know any one who wants to see something they will never forget. The roost is located in Hialeah which is in Miami, FL for you out-of-town. The birds chose the Home Depot on 57 Ave and Palmetto Expressway (826). The best place to park is on the north side of the parking lot closer to the tire shop.

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  1. I’m doing a Purple Martin “Science for Seniors” class this year at Green Cay. Would you mind if I used some of your photos of the roosting area?

    • Hey Eva,

      Sure use whatever pics you want! If you would like some video too we may be able to get that to you. Hope all is good in the PBC 🙂

      A & M


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