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PUMA Roost Surveillance

Naturally being radar junkies we had to track our Purple Martin roost on radar to get a bird’s eye view of the roost. This can aid us in determining where the bird’s head off to feed when the deport the roost in the mornings. We can also track the size of the roost with the help of Nexrad radar. As Purple Martins start to head south from other roosts on the east coast we will be able to determine if the roost grows in numbers with the use of reflectivity images. Feel free to ask any questions or post your comments below.

Regional radar image showing PUMA roost (look for roost ring over Miami)

Reflective image of PUMA roost (look for roost ring over Miami)

Velocity image that shows PUMA roost (look for roost ring over Miami)

We will be posting animations of the roost which shows the birds take off during the morning flight as visible on radar. Please keep coming back to see the images as the roost increases in size, hopefully 🙂

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