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A Helping Hand For Our Friends @FKH

Our friend Rafael had some trouble with wordpress today so we posted for the FL Keys Hawkwatch blog below.

The afternoon was rather slow with wind speeds of about 4km/h out of the ESE. It was also our hottest and muggiest day yet. The heat did quite a number on some distant birds.

Osprey – 43
Cooper’s Hawk – 2
Broad-winged Hawk – 3
Merlin – 13
Peregrine Falcon – 10
Total – 71

This was a best day to date for Osprey migration, with a total of 43 birds moving in even-paced flows throughout the day. However, the morning once again belonged to the Merlins, with 9 during the first hour and a total of 13 for the day. Peregrines were close behind with only 10 birds.

The winds certainly diminished compared to the last couple of days. And although it rained briefly in the morning, we saw little precipitation. At one point, 4 Merlins were perched on Buttonwoods along the south side of the campgrounds and visible from the bathhouse. It was almost as if they were disappointed with the lack of adverse winds.

Here is a photo of one of those birds – taken handheld by Jim with the Leica V-Lux 30. I think it is excellent for handheld at 75 yards!

Click on image for larger size

by Rafael A. Gálvez


  1. Thanks – you guys are the best!


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