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Conditions Are Lining Up…

What happened this afternoon in Miami and Key West seems to be a precursor as to what can be even bigger tomorrow! A cold front has stalled to the south and birds are flying into the stormy skies and dropping out over the entire southern peninsula. Conditions are looking very promising and the chance of seeing a fallout tomorrow is better than we have seen in years. If you see what we see on the radar and satellite images then you will be out at sunrise, hoping to be in awe 🙂

Stalled Front over S. FL

Here are some images of current weather maps and radar. Notice how the entire state is covered in blue and greens. South of Miami you can see that cold front is visible on radar because of the storms associated with the front. As birds fly into the bad weather they will probably chose to land at some point. Birds that choose to continue are usually the birds involved with the fallout portion of the influx. These birds are usually worn out and on their way back from flying into a storm, they will land anywhere.

click for bigger image

Go birding is all that we can say! Have fun, be safe and send us some messages or post on the site, we would love to hear from our readers. You can always email us at if you feel more comfortable with this approach. Enjoy the day 🙂

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