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Birds Are Coming; Badbirdz PC is Down ;(

First off we would like to apologize for the lack of recent posts on badbirdz. The badbirdz computer is out of commission for the time being as it has caught a bug, again! We are in the process of getting it fixed and may not be able to post radar images until we receive our baby back.

In the meantime we figured we can still post about what we are seeing on radar over the course of the night. Here is a time sensitive link to a loop of the nights migration so that you can reference the animation. The animations take a bit to download but you can control the speed of the animation as well as pause it to have a closer look at a particular image.

Birds have been in a holding pattern south of Central FL for several days now. This is due to the unfavorable winds over S. FL, the Straits and farther south. Upper level winds have also been less than favorable to trick a few rouge birds into taking the leap.
North of Central Florida we have been seeing a continual exodus of wintering birds over the course of the week. Last night this was evident as birds were flying NW out of the state from Tampa to the panhandle. Jacksonville radar was picking up birds moving along the coast that took a turn to the NW over Georgia. Looking at the national mosaic radar we noted that most birds were migrating through the interior or central flyway on their way north. Expect birds that have been wintering around your neck of the woods to clear out if they have not already. New arrivals should be around but in small numbers at this time which makes them harder to detect. As migrant density increases it will be more evident that migration is ramping up. Keep your eyes peeled for early returning species such as Prothonotary and Hooded Warblers, Eastern Kingbird, Herons and Egrets as well as a slurry of shorebirds to make the brain hurt a bit:)

A look ahead: In the following days we will be seeing a change in conditions over much of the state. With a few fronts making the way south and a high pressure system which is lazily moving east into the Atlantic, things are going to get interesting. High pressure will continue to control the weather pattern for the rest of this week but expect changes by Friday night. As we get into the weekend high pressure is forecast to move east of the Bahamas, allowing for a wind shift out of the south.

At this time of year a southerly flow will most likely trigger the first massive wave of neotropical migrants to fly north into the US. A low pressure system west of us will move east into the Atlantic with the tail end of the front expected to reach northern FL. For the early part of next week we are keeping an eye on models that show a second low pressure system developing across the Gulf waters and moving east towards FL. At this time it is too early to determine how intense this front will be, conditions are lining up for a springtime fallout if the timing of this front in right on! Birders along the panhandle should be keeping an eye on weather reports, if conditions are favorable in Mexico, birds will fly north into the storm. We will keep you all updated on what may occur with this front.

Hope you all are having a great start to the spring migration season! We look forward to hearing lots more from the badbirdz flock this spring migration. Please share your sightings or include a link to your ebird list, this is a great way for us all to learn more about the wonders of nocturnal avian migration.

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