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Upcoming Conditions For The State

So what are you all seeing out there? That is the question! It would be awesome to read some of our readers reports of what they are seeing since migration started to heat up. The last few days have been pretty good with FOTS birds reported all over the state. We just saw our FOTS Chimmney Swifts, Common Nighthawks, Hooded & Worm-eating Warblers, Scarlet Tanager and Least Terns over the span of last week!

Conditions are getting ready to shift up a bit with a few weather features headed down towards Florida. First off, high pressure over northern Fl will be moving east into the Atlantic allowing for a couple of frontal boundaries to impact the state in the following days. The first of two fronts will be a weak front that should move into the panhyandle by tonight and become diffuse as it moves into the Gulf. This front is very weak so expect no real changes with this system.
The second front is a bit more in control and should by dropping in by Tuesday night and through the day Wednesday. With little moisture in the atmosphere, precipitation chances will be low thus allowing migrants to fly over instead of dropping down due to rain. We will be keeping our eyes on the radar and weather forecast to keep you all informed of what migration will look like from day to day.

Right now winds over the Gulf are N-NE which will slow down migrants progress should birds depart from Mexico tonight. This means that we can expect afternoon arrivals along the panhandle and to the west tomorrow. Winds will continue to have some northerly component over the Gulf waters during the next few days making a trans-gulf crossing harder for the migrants. We can only wait and see and bird 🙂

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