Posted by: NatureIsAwesome | April 14, 2012 @ 4:27 pm

A Trans-Gulf Flight!

Texas-Louisiana Reflective Radar

All afternoon migrants have arrived on the coasts of TX and LA. We just took a peek at the radar and noticed an increase in activity at both the Houston/Galveston and the Lake Charles, LA radars. If you look at the winds overhead you can see why birds are taking advantage and making the Gulf Crossing. If you are in this area get out and bird, late afternoon arrivals should be awesome.

Houston/Galveston, TX Velocity Radar

Velocity radar clues us in on the speeds of the signals moving into the radars range and also shows us what direction the signals are moving. The image above and the image below both show us that birds are moving in from the south and heading north.

Lake Charles, LA Velocity Radar

Upper Level Winds spot on for the Gulf Crossing



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