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Birds Are On The Move Again!

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First off we wanted to thank you all for supporting Badbirdz, year after year! Sorry for the lack of posts this fall. We are currently switching over our current platform and have not been able to get everything lined up so that we could post our radar animations and interpretations. Today we wanted to highlight the killer diurnal migration taking place over FL and its surrounding waters. Here are some radar still shots including commentary to better explain this phenomenon.



A pesky lingering front has been blocking bird migration this whole week and can be accredited with the lack of migrants in the Sunshine State. High pressure set up along the Eastern Seaboard overnight, this brought on a change in conditions that was favorable for flight! Losing support the front fizzled out allowing thousands of migrants to fly south over the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. When high pressure is in place we can expect our typical FL weather pattern; breezy easterly winds. These winds would play a big part in pushing migrants way out over the Gulf along the west coast. On the east coast birds also took advantage of favorable winds, taking two different routes based origin of departure. Most migrants that took off from NC & SC headed out over the Atlantic. Birds were also migrating SW through GA, AL, MS and Louisiana and eventually out over the Gulf.



Migrants that chose the Trans-Gulf flight are still aloft as we write this post! If any birders are on the Dry Tortugas they may be in for a late afternoon or an evening surprise. Most of the migrants will just continue SW until they reach the shores of Mexico!

Migrants that took the east coast route flew out over the Atlantic and are now making landfall along the eastern shores of the state. East winds and offshore rain have slowed the progress of migrants as they headed south. Birders along the east coast, north of Ft. Pierce should give their favorite coastal migrant traps a check this afternoon. We don’t expect these migrants to travel too far inland, they must be tired from the flight and will likely choose the first decent habitat they lay eyes on.



As always we rely on reader feedback to supply ground truth. Our readers are our “boots on the ground” proving or disproving our interpretations. Your help is always appreciated, we couldn’t do this without you all 🙂

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