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Badbirdz2 Almost up at Full Speed!

We would first like to thank David LaPuma for coding his butt off over the last few sleepless nights. Badbirdz and Woodcreeper have been working together to get Badbirdz2 back online and fully operational.

Last night nocturnal migration was shutdown due to the last front that quietly blew through. Not a lot of precipitation but the strong northerly winds dragged in a cold snap that we Floridians are hoping fizzles out soon; we reach freezing temperature at 50° 🙂
With the current winds aloft, migrants are reluctant to fly and stay put awaiting better conditions. Small movements of birds were recorded on the Tampa radar moving NW against the wind. These movements are most likely ducks or shorebirds, they are tough and fly right into the wind. Besides that small puff of birds, radar was relatively quiet last night. Hoping on a change in winds, we expect some big movements over the FL Straits real soon. As of the weekend, winds will be shifting to a more S->SW fashion and this should do the trick.

Stay put and be ready for the weekend because weekends were made for birding…

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