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Rainy Day = Birdy Day

National Overview

Below is a snapshot of the national map with radar and weather fronts. Use this map to get an overall feel of migration and how weather affects nocturnal migration. An unstable atmosphere continues to build as a surface low is deepening in the Gulf, a warm front continues to move northward and an upper level low with attending cold front digs south. These weather features clash and are creating unstable conditions that will spawn numerous showers and thunderstorms, some storms could be severe with damaging winds and a chance of hailstorms, but the biggest issue will be the threat of isolated tornadoes. Be safe friends!

Frames are every 1/2 hour. Click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized animation.
Base Reflectivity image from Tampa Bay, FL Base Velocity image from Tampa Bay, FL Base Reflectivity image from Miami, FL Base Velocity image from Miami, FL Base Reflectivity image from Key West, FL Base Velocity image from Key West, FL

Birds were riding that warm front that is flowing from the south last night! A decent push of migrants were recorded flying over the FL Straits on the Key West radar. On the Miami radar you can follow the movement and see that the heaviest densities flew over the Lake Ingraham area of the Everglades. To the north a low is just sitting just off the panhandle’s coast with a warm front moving north over the state clashing with an upper level cold air flow dipping south creating an unstable atmosphere which is causing circulating storms that can spawn off some real nasty storms with the possibility of tornadoes.
With a southerly flow over the southern end of the state birds were riding a tailwind which pushed them directly towards the stormy weather. Be on the lookout for areas where thunderstorms were prominent during the early morning hours as these areas could see increased migrant activity caused by birds dropping out in anticipation of the stormy weather to the north. Tried and true migrant traps should be checked as birds would have definitely trickles out while on their trek north. Coastal locations along the states west coast can be jumping today. Miami’s westernmost migrant traps will be your best bet today and the Florida Keys pretty much experienced a fly over thanks to the southerly flow.
You guys are our “boots on the ground” and help us adjust our analysis, we can’t thank you enough for the input and for keeping us updated with what is going on in your neck of the woods.

*UPDATE – as of 9 AM some birds are aloft and beginning to drop in on Coastal Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. It may be worth while to check out coastal migrants traps in both of these counties today.*

Today we would like to thank Curtis and Norma Beaird for an informative report via email. Curtis and Norma are in Georgia and have painted us a picture of what is going on north of our forecast area which helps us understand how spring migration is shaping up. Wintering Goldfinches have pretty much moved and recent arrivals of northbound migrants are making appearances at their feeders at home. American Robins have vacated the area and have moved on. Red-winged Blackbirds have moved on through with a few birds stalling in the area. Turkey Vultures have migrated past the area. Pine Siskin numbers have tapered off recently. Grackles have yet to make it into the area. They report that the first of season Ruby-throated Hummingbird popped up yesterday 4/2, and that some northbound Goldfinch showed up at the feeders yesterday as well. Curtis and Norma if you are reading this thanks a million; we would love to hear from more of our readers with information similar to this. This info is indispensable and we can’t thank you enough!

As always Badbirdz depends on its readers to help us understand the magic of bird migration. We ask our readers to take a minute to please email us at, post a comment on the site or share what you are seeing on our Facebook page. As a whole the Florida birding community is large and enthusiastic about bird migration, lets join together this year to make Badbirdz an integral part of every birders toolbox. Together we can track and monitor birds and learn more about this phenomenon called MIGRATION!

Nature is Awesome,
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