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The Birthday Aftermath


Hey! Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! This morning we fired up the ol’ laptop and what, an error!! Oh no, no radar, @&$! Our laptop decided it was not cooperating today, lets hope we can get it to boot up later tonight.

With no way to download the radar ourselves, we looked to our BIRDAR buddies and studied radar loops. We can tell you what we saw by looking at last nights national loop at Paul Hurtado’s website, click here for last night’s national radar loop.

High pressure continues to dominate the forecast, east and northeast winds have been giving migrants a tailwind and they have been talking advantage of this help. Birders across most of the state can expect some small signs of migration but no real big numbers and little diversity. The western panhandle seems to be the only area that has been productive for shorebirds, but Neotropical migrants have been almost absent. We know this is sounding like a broken record but, we await for better conditions. We may just have to wait until the second half of fall migration to see some warblers, tanager, orioles, hummingbirds and raptors. For now keep brushing up on your game and be ready for when migrants descend upon us!

As always Badbirdz depends on its readers to help us understand the magic of bird migration. We ask our readers to take a minute to email us at, post a comment on the site or share what you are seeing on our Facebook page. As a whole the Florida birding community is large and enthusiastic about bird migration, lets join together this year to make Badbirdz an integral part of every birders toolbox. Together we can track and monitor birds and learn more about this phenomenon called MIGRATION!

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