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Heavy Migration Tonight!

Winds at surface level

Winds at 3000ft (900mb)


Satellite image with winds at 3000ft.
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Radar image from 10pm 9/13


**Breaking News**
A cold front is approaching South Georgia tonight and will likely push south into the northern third of FL before becoming diffuse. Winds behind the front are largely favorable for heavy migration tonight. Winds have begun to shift along the GA/FL border, and upper level winds @ 3K (usual bird migration elevation) are blowing from the NW down into Central FL. Although a large number of these birds will likely head south over the panhandle and out over the Gulf, tonight’s flight so large that it should increase migrant activity in the state. If it rains in your neck of the woods between 2-5am, get out and see if birds were grounded by the precipitation. We recommend that you get out before sunrise if you live in North Florida or Georgia as this flight should be very audible. In areas where the cold front brings on extensive precipitation, cloud cover and a low ceiling expect to “hear migration” as birds vocalize overhead.

If you get out and bird this weekend please leave us a reply or post on the Badbirdz2 FB page. We would love to hear about your birding adventures.

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  1. Checking FL Panhandle stations EVX and TLH at 12:00 PM show birds launched over the Gulf heading South.

    We had a major influx of House Finches here in the area near Vidalia, GA 9/13/13. Brown Headed Cowbirds have graced us again with their hungry presence. Will see what the morning brings. Thanks for the info.


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