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Fall Migration Wrapping Up

Below is a snapshot of the national map with radar and weather fronts. Use this map to get an overall feel of migration and how weather affects nocturnal migration.

Fall Neotropical migration is quickly phasing out and winter migration is beginning to ramp up. The latest cold front has stalled north of Florida, but a second, bolder cold front is marching on its heels. At first it looked like this weekend would bring on a new crop of birds, but the staling front hinders major moment south. Be on the lookout for the next front to bring on the wintering migrants, winds behind the front are sending down scores of birds that are leaving the increasingly cold and barren habitats that were bountiful during summer. Don’t forget about late fall season neotropical migrants such as Philadelphia Vireo or Bay-breasted Warbler, these are commonly observed along with the first push of sparrows and yellow-rumps.

Our computer is still down and we were unable to download and post the radar as usual so we are doing the second best thing. Below is a list of links to radar loops from 2am-6am.
The regional radar is in reflectivity mode which is best used to quantify birds and to get a picture of where they are moving from. The rest of the radar links are velocity radars, these are best used to determine speed and direction of travel. With these images you are looking at light blue-dark blue returns (incoming birds) and yellow-orange (outgoing birds). The grayish line between the two colors is the line of axis, this line will give you an idea of which direction birds are entering the radar from and which direction they are flying as they exit radar range.

Regional Radar:







Key West:

As always Badbirdz depends on its readers to help us understand the magic of bird migration. We ask our readers to take a minute to email us at, post a comment on the site or share what you are seeing on our Facebook page. As a whole the Florida birding community is large and enthusiastic about bird migration, lets join together this year to make Badbirdz an integral part of every birders toolbox. Together we can track and monitor birds and learn more about this phenomenon called MIGRATION!

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