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Winter Migration Ramps Up ⬆



A cold front has made its way into the state tonight. Temps are dropping behind the frontal boundary and along with this drop in temps, birds have taken flight! Radar is picking up large quantities of moving targets, this could be a push of waterfowl, robins, blackbirds and other winter migrants such as Yellow-rumps.

Unlike spring and fall migration, winter migration runs at a slower pace. Birds make shorter migrations and will drop down with a lot less of a threat. A simple wind shift or a rainstorm sparked off by the front may be enough to bring down birds. Keep an eye on the weather over your area and if you have the day off, go bird your favorite winter spots. This movement should be noticeable in the northern half of the state. The front seems to be the major catalyst to this migration so expect the birding to be best if the front has passed your birding spot. At home keep those feeders ready for the finches and the suet out for other passerines. Enjoy the cool down, brrrr! LOL

Below is a temperature forecast map; scroll down and watch the temps fall.






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