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Arctic Invasion


An arctic blast is on its way south and FL is in its crosshairs. An approaching cold front will be making its mark on Florida late this weekend and into the beginning of next week. Temperatures are forecast to dip as low as the teens in some inland locations in the western panhandle. What is even more interesting is the “possibility” of snow over the panhandle. Precipitation is forecast to be available at high levels of the atmosphere and in turn may be cooled enough to cause some of the white stuff to fall over the panhandle. This is not a sure thing, but just the looming possibility is awesome.

Of course we are thinking, what will this cold front do for birders? The cold temps and sudden snowfalls in the Midwest and down into the Southeast could push birds to migrate south due to food being covered by snowfall. Even more of a threat can be ice, birds will have a hard time finding food that they can eat. Be on the lookout for sparrows, blackbirds, kinglets and other passerines that are on the move south in search of greener pastures. Reports of lakes being frozen over may also mean that waterfowl has vacated and flown south. This could have something to do with recent reports of incoming waterfowl and northern gulls such as Glaucous and Iceland Gull.

Below are a few forecast model outputs. Check out the cold air mass making its way south and the temps that follow the frontal boundary. Temperatures will be so low that they may break records. Across the panhandle, Monday nights lows are forecast to match or be colder than records set back in 1924! Stay warm friends.



The above images show a precipitation type forecast. Notice the blue band that is over the Gulf and into the panhandle. This means that all the ingredients for snow will be available at the time of the forecast. Will the cook be in the house? We will have to wait and see.






Break out the parkas and boots Floridians!

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