Posted by: NatureIsAwesome | March 12, 2014 @ 5:25 am

March Madness is about to Kickoff


Birds recorded on radar flying over the FL Straits.

Link to radar animation of birds flying over the state ahead of incoming weather out of the Gulf.

The Bermuda High has taken its place and soon will be the major force behind the southerly winds aloft. Migrants looking to fly north for the spring are waiting for optimal winds from the south to make the crossing easier. Last night winds were ripe for migration and as a result we can see that many birds took to the skies.

We should start posting our regular daily radar posts soon. For right now we leave you with the radar overlaid on a weather map. You can see that a front is moving south and accompanying this front is some weather that is moving west to northeast across the state. Migration was most evident over the FL Straits and into the west coast as well as along the northeastern corner of the state. Areas that experienced rainfall between 2-6a.m. may have an increased chance of seeing some incoming spring migrants.

Fort DeSoto Park is usually a great place to begin searching for spring migrants. Check out your local spring migration trap and you might get lucky. Southern cities such as Miami have been seeing regular pulses of migrants for over a week now.

Keep an eye out for these spring arrivals. We’ve been hearing birds singing while on our walks! Get ready; spring migration is upon us 😃


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