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Lift off!

Migration is picking up with every night that passes. Reports of Least Tern, Black-necked Stilt, Red-eyed Vireo, Black-and-white Warblers and other early migrants have been reported this week. Check out these images of birds taking off from the Marquesas Islands!


20140326-214636.jpg 20140326-214604.jpg 20140326-214554.jpg 20140326-214542.jpg 20140326-214523.jpg 20140326-214514.jpg


Now birds lifting off from the Lake Ingraham area!


20140326-214716.jpg 20140326-214710.jpg 20140326-214659.jpg 20140326-214651.jpg


Daily radar posts will be up soon. We are in the process of swapping up how we download, animate and post radar images. In the meantime we will continue to pay close attention to the radar nightly and will post if we see anything interesting or big flights.


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  1. 4.28.2014 Major movement of black birds into south GA. The light rain seems to have grounded them in our area. Cowbirds. Common Grackles. Red-winged Blackbirds.


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