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Stalling Front & Migration Ready Birds


Hey all

This weekend may prove to be the most productive birding weekend we’ve had all spring in South FL. An approaching cold front has stalled over Central FL, elevating the possibility of precipitation overnight for the Lake Okeechobee area. Ahead of this frontal boundary, increasing moisture is forecast to move through South FL and could spark scattered to isolated showers. With winds out of the SW and eventually WEST as the front approaches, migrants that decide to fly should be vectored towards the Atlantic Coast. We are just stepping into the Connecticut Warbler migration window and west winds usually do the trick, so keep your eyes open for the sulky birds.

If this forecast holds true, our Sunday morning Bill Baggs Cape FL SP walk should provide some great birding. Meet us at the front gate of the park on Sunday, May 4th @ 8:00a.m.

IR Satellite shows lots of cloud cover making it hard for migrants to fly high and navigate. This could lead to an increase in audible flight calls as well as birds on the ground Sat & Sun.

Winds at surface levels. Notice the difference in wind direction ahead and behind the frontal boundary. This is why cold fronts are so effective at knocking birds down. Rain and headwinds are two factors a migrant doesn’t want to deal with.

Winds at 3,000ft are holding true to the forecast and are blowing out of the WSW and looks to be W by morning. This should push birds east and into South FL.

Hope you enjoyed! Let us know what you are seeing 🙂

See you out there!
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