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Greetings Florida Bird Enthusiasts,

The community that has formed around this site over the years has been astounding. You are the reason it works as well as it does, and your contributions are what has kept us going on many a blurry-eyed morning. Now we’re looking to YOU to help take Badbirdz-Reloaded to the next level.

Currently the sites need support for:

  • Annual hosting fees ($20/ month)
  • Programming and scripting costs ($500 – $1000/ year)

You can use the Paypal button below to join the Badbirdz Flock:

Or, if you’d rather not use Paypal, please send us an email and we will send you our address

Angel and Mariel Abreu

We did a little math, and if 10% of the regular visitors to this site would donate $1/month ($12/year!) that would cover the ISP bills for 2 years (of course if EVERYONE donated $1/month, we could do some really awesome stuff with the site… but we are not holding our breaths. So please click here and become a part of the contributing group.

The idea here is to keep Badbirdz-Reloaded going for the “long haul” by making it self sustainable. We took over the site from David because of our passion for migration and because of the important role that we felt the site played in the Florida birding community. Up until now Badbirdz has been hosted under the umbrella of its sister site, Today, though, Badbirdz-Reloaded takes a step towards independence and begins the transition to its own home server and customization. This is the vision that we have shared with David since taking over primary posting duties two years ago, and it seems like the logical step as we expand the site to cover more of the state of Florida where we live and bird.

So, at the very least, your financial support will help pay the hosting fees. At the most, your support would help create the next generation of birding tools while at the same time helping us all to better understand one of the great mysteries of avian ecology; Migration.

We hope that you can see the benefit in supporting this site, and we hope you can share in the vision we have for making it even better than it is already.
If you are interested in advertising your organization or business, please contact us at

Thanks in advance for your support!

Nature is Awesome,
Angel & Mariel



  1. Do you ever offer classes or programs in how to read radar. I would be happy to pay you to learn, even on a private basis, but I also think this would be a sought-after skill at bird festivals, like the space coast, for instance. Thanks!! Gayle

  2. my email I want to join. Im in Okeechobee fl.
    sand hill cranes with their chicks now

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